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Art Residency in Red Rocks

Spring is busy and good to get out and BOTH meet with friends & Family as well as Nature.

I have just completed my artist residency in the Beautiful Red Rocks with this past Saturday on April 20th doing a live demo and community engagement project.. It was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday but in general painting within the park was both fun and challenging at times. Desert weather was not always nice with wind and more rain than usual, But it was so interesting to watch light changes and desert in all types of conditions that I had a chance to encounter.

Since many of you have asked, I am sharing my progress pictures for the demo. These are actually from the prep. I had to paint it once or .. few times.

As to the community engagement demo, It was all smiles on Saturday and I also had some of our members stop by. Thank you Tatsiana for everything and Ray for taking pictures. I had a chance to meet a lot of amazing friends and share with them my passion to pastel painting and landscapes of southern Nevada. Of course also a special HUGE Thank you Red Rock NCA for providing me with this exciting opportunity.

Our group also had a chance to have our Paint Out and meeting in March as well as meet Aaron in the Red Rocks(read blog here). I am looking forward to July to be able to showcase my work at the Red Rock Visitor Center created during and inspired by my residency.

Hope you are having nice spring! Talk to you soon. See you sooner!

IAPS is coming. Who are all going?

All the best, Dasha

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