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Time is TBD



Opacity and Transparency with Pastels. Dawn Emerson

Opacity and Transparency with Pastels. Dawn Emerson
Opacity and Transparency with Pastels. Dawn Emerson

Time & Location

Time is TBD


About the event

About the event

This is a 2 Day zoom workshop from 9am till 4pm with 1 hour for lunch each day. Dawn requests that the participants keep the video on during the class for more of the face-on experience. We will set the dates up as soon as possible.

This class offers the opportunity to try many of the techniques and ideas presented in Dawn's

book, Pastel Innovations, plus approaches developed since the book was written. During this

fast paced class there will be many short demos followed immediately by time to apply each

technique shown. The focus of the class is to learn new ways to incorporate PanPastels with

traditional soft stick pastel to include nuances of opacity and transparent color in your work.

Supply list:


* PanPastels--- 3 primary + black& white (+any other colors you have)

* Applicator--the large PanPastel applicator I use is called a large angle slice applicator and  comes available in packages of 2 (available anywhere that sells PanPastel)

* Stick Pastels: SOFT pastel sticks including (naked—wrappers off)

* Stick of Diane Townsend Dry Pigment Ground: -any light color is fine, OR you may   substitue with light color of Diane Townsend Terrage Stick pastel


*1 pad Strathmore Printmaking Paper Series 300 either 11x14 or 18x24 (comes 30 shts/pad)

PALETTE: 8x10” min. plexi or glass surface to roll out water mixable oil

STENCILS: a few thin pattern stencils

ERASURE: 1 kneaded eraser and 1 hard plastic eraser


small tube each WHITE and BLACK water mixable oil (Holbein “Duo,” Winsor Newton, etc.)


*one soft rubber brayer 3-4” (ie., Speedball)

*5 feet of wax paper (grocery store item)

* 1” masking tape or artists' tape

* flat razor blade or box cutter blade

* paper towels

* mark making tools like shapers, combs, scrapers, sticks, etc.

* knitting needle or embossing tool

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