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RED ROCK PASTEL SOCIETY OF NEVADA 2022 Juried Member Online Exhibition

Our catalog is here!

Congratulations to ALL whose work is featured within our 2022 Red Rock Pastel Society member exhibition.

A special note of gratitude to our jurors of selection:

Dawn Emerson, Sergey Bakin, and Vanessa Turner. And our Amazing Judge of awards Isabelle Lim.

Thank you for selecting- The Viewers Choice Award Congratulations - Patricia Wilt!

Special Thank You to ShowSubmit with Austin, who helped us to make the whole process seamless!

We are thankful for all the volunteer work and member contributions.

And our sponsors and partners. 

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Congratulations to 2022 Red Rock Member Juried Show Award Winners!

Judge:Isabelle V. Lim, PSA-MP, IAPS/MC, SPF-MP

Pour a beverage of your choice and enjoy the show!

Best in Show


Best in Show
Anna Kalugina
A Sky
11.8 x 11.8, NFS

I Place


I Place
Corey Pitkin

Some Days
19.5 x 19.5

II Place


II Place

Irina Klimova

Evening in Lucca
19 x 25

III Place


III Place

Tony Allain

Monument Valley

16 x 20, NFS

Honorable Mention


Honorable Mention

Brian Bailey

The Note

24 x 44


Honorable Mention


Honorable Mention

Christine Obers

Hope, a Rescue Horse

14 x 11, NFS

Honorable Mention


Honorable Mention

Tatsiana Harbacheuskaya

Orchid on Turquoise Tablecloth

11 x 9


Honorable Mention


Honorable Mention

Christine DEBROSKY

Deep Crimson Gown

20 x 16 $1850

Juror's Choice
Dawn Emerson


Juror's Choice

Andrew McDermott

A Walking in the Rain

16 x 12, NFS

Juror's Choice
Sergey Bakin


Juror's Choice

Sergey Pietila

You Have a Package from Italy 28 x 31


Juror's Choice
Vanessa Turner


Juror's Choice

Stephie Clark


40 x 30 cm NFS

Viewer's Choice


Viewer's Choice

Patricia Wilt

Crate of Tears and Spheres

22 x 14, NFS

Check out all these marvelous pastels by the Red Rock Members. Cheers!

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