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CREATING MOOD & ATMOSPHERE IN PASTEL: using confident ‘brushwork’! by Tony Allain


Meet the artist: Sir Tony Allain, IAPS – Eminent Master Pastelist. Award-winning painter, instructor, and author Tony Allain has been painting for over 40 years. He is a self-taught painter of color, light, and movement with a complete understanding of his surroundings.


About this course:


Have you ever wanted to bring a looser and more painterly feel to your work, loaded with juicy color and flooded with light? If yes, this class is for you! This is the most beloved Zoom workshop that became a self-guided class for you to work at your own pace on your own time from the comfort of your studio. You will enjoy five different demos by the Master and challenge yourself to become more confident and painterly with pastels. You will also see how to choose, edit, and crop reference photos and how to find your point of interest. Tony will share his passion for pastels and his techniques of using direct strokes on textured surfaces to emphasize ‘brushwork’ to achieve an exciting impressionistic feel expressing the mood and atmosphere of a subject using lively and vigorous marks.


This class is created for those who are willing to go through the door marked 'leaving your comfort zone' and enter a world of more expressive pastel art.



As many pastels as you feel comfortable with. Color range is more important than quantity.

An assortment of sanded paper: Art Spectrum, Canson Mi-Tientes Touch, Wallis, UART, Pastel Premier, Sennelier LaCarte. NO WHITES!

Tony will use UART black, Pastel Premier, and Sennelier LaCarte (sepia, Earth). You can use a full to a ¼ sheet of paper.

Your favorite easel

Solid backing board (Tony adds foam board to his backing board)

Your sketchbook/ journal

A couple of black ink markers

Photo references you feel at ease with. (Choose photos with strong composition and good value range) Tony’s references are provided as well.

Hand wipes, masking tape or clips, or push pins.


A sense of fun and an open mind!

CREATING MOOD & ATMOSPHERE IN PASTEL: using confident brushwork! by Tony Allain

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