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This is a unique course that will give you fundamentals and will get you started with portrait painting.


Sergei Pietila is a professional artist from Finland. Pastel is Sergei’s medium of choice. He is originally from Russia where he received his academic training in fine arts.

Sergei is exhibiting his work around the globe since 1996.

His most recent awards include Honorable Mention at PSA 48th Enduring Brilliance Annual Exhibition and Red Rock Pastel Society 2020 Member Show.

Sergei Pietila is known for his expressive manner and signature style.

Sergei is working from life with the model at the studio.

Please note that Sergei is  speaking Russian translated to English by Dasha Jamison.

This class is containing condences theory and practice elements of portrait painting while working from life.

Portrait Lesson by Sergei Pietila

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