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Platinum Membership Social Media Spotlight Benefits

Platinum Membership Social Media Spotlight Benefits


Every Platinum Member receives one social media spotlight opportunity every calendar year. At present, we're offering a limited number of spots. More frequent spotlights may become available as we add social media-savvy volunteers.



  • You must be a RRPSNV Platinum Member in good standing (current year’s dues are paid in full).

  • You must choose one of two different Spotlights. Details are in the next section below:

    • Instructor 

    • Artist

  • You must request to reserve a spotlight by filling out this form. You will receive a confirmation email for your Spotlight date a day or so later. Available dates are listed below and updated as we confirm reservations.

  • Cancellations must be received 45 days in advance or you lose your Spotlight for the year.

  • Miss the content submission deadlines? You lose out for the year unless another Platinum member can take your reservation. 

  • Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. We base them upon our volunteers’ capacity. For an exception, send an email to:



This is designed to help you increase awareness of your workshop or online course, and you as an instructor of soft pastel art. Instructors offering courses that are not about soft pastels will be declined. This supports our mission of educating the public about the art of soft pastels.

  • You must offer an exclusive benefit to Red Rock Members.

    • Red Rock PSNV requires either 

      • A discount to the course, or other product/service you are offering (e.g. mentoring, live Zoom workshops, etc.)

      • An abbreviated lesson that’s free to RR members. This can be live via Zoom which we will record,  or a recorded lesson available online.

    • Red Rock PSNV’s President will consider other benefits.

    • These requirements are based on our past experience regarding what offers our members find most beneficial.


  • Your spotlight includes:

    • A dedicated email blast to the Red Rock PSNV email list. Our email list grows daily.

    • One social media post on:

      • RRPS Facebook 

      • RRPS IG 

      • RRPS creates all posts / reels using content you provide. They are designed to encourage followers to click through to your profile or other landing page that you give us



This is designed to help introduce you, the artist, and your art to other Red Rock members as well as all our followers on social media. This is ideal for emerging artists looking to grow their network. It’s also great for established artists who are interested in presenting news about their art careers to the RRPSNV community and our followers.

Your spotlight includes:

  • One social media post of your artwork + one post with your artist’s biography (or other content) on

    • RRPS Facebook 

    • RRPS IG

  • One dedicated email blast where you’ll be introduced with other Platinum members  We send news emails out monthly. Our email list grows daily.

  • All the content will be created by RRPS with the images and other content you provide to us.



To help manage the Spotlight calendar, we’re asking you to fill out this form. You’ll be asked to pick 3 “weeks” of which only 1 (one) of them will be confirmed (if it’s available). If none of your dates are available, we’ll let you know. "Weeks" means your Spotlight will be published sometime during that week. We’ll do our best to keep the dates available updated on the form and here, but we may not get to update it in time. That’s one reason why you get 3 choices. 🙂 We’ll send you an email a couple of days after we get your form, confirming your “week.”


Here are the weeks that are currently available for 2024:

  • Aug 25 (content due: July 18)

  • Sept 8 (content due: July 25)

  • Sept 22 (content due: August 8)

  • Oct 6 (content due: August 22)

  • Oct 20 (content due: Sept 5)

  • Nov 3 (content due: Sept 19)

  • Nov 10 (content due: Sept 26)

  • Nov 17 (content due: Oct 3)

  • Dec 15  (content due: Oct 29)



  • We need to receive the following files as early as possible, but no later than 45 days before your reservation date. If we don't receive your materials 45 days before, we will publish your spotlight as our schedule permits.

  • Minimum of 5, maximum of 7 JPGs of your paintings. Files should be no larger than 2 MB. Make sure your signature is on the painting, or a watermark. This is for your protection. If you don’t include it, we’ll still post it. But better safe than sorry.

  • 1-2 JPGs of you. If you only send one, make it your headshot.

  • Your artist’s bio. Keep it short – 300 words or less.

  • Whatever link you want us to link all your posts to. 

  • Your workshop or course description (Instructor Spotlight only). Keep it short – 300 words or less.

  • In your confirmation email, you'll get a link to a unique Google Drive folder where you can upload all your content. This drive folder is only accessible by you and the RRPS team members who need it to create and post your content. Put nothing sensitive up there. 

NOTE: Participating in this benefit assumes you have at least an intermediate understanding and proficiency with Google applications, Facebook, and Instagram. We do not provide technical support for any software or social media platform.

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