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David Gilmore Demo at February Member Meeting

We had a blast this Sunday and every one of you who are separated from us with miles or kilometers were missed. You can read our agenda here , but we did step away from it a few times as we had great interaction and participation from those who we were fortunate to have attend in person. A special THANK YOU goes to our Las Vegas native David Gilmore.

He volunteered to present a demo for our fine group and it was a huge success. His demo video is included below for your enjoyment also in case you missed it.....

One of members did their best as a tripod, so please pardon any inconsistency of the video. are progress pictures by popular demand as well.

David had original drawing done with hard pastel stick and he used fixative to fix it before applying additional layers of pastels.

David used a variety of pastels for his painting. Mostly Girault and Terry Ludwig. See his supplies here.

He did layering for the sky and blend it with his fingers and piece of isolation pipe.

Watch the Youtube video for the whole process.

David is refining some details and celebrating with a big smile!

Thank you David and all members and the Board for making this event so fun.

Special Thank you to our sponsor partners : UART, Dakota Art and Michele Aplin with Girault for providing us with opportunity to try different papers and pastel.

Till the next time at Red Rock! Get your fingers dusty and don't forget to enter our MEMBER SHOW.

"PAINT! PAINT! PAINT!", says our member, Don Smith.

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