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Red Rock On Red Square

Red Rock On Red Square  _ May 13th 2019

Our last meeting was very unusual - we really got outside - outside of the country. We met on the Red Square with Members and friends of Red Rock Pastel Society.

All the stars lined up and 3 of our US Members were traveling through Moscow ~ What a coincidence~ and some our Moscow members found time to attend.

We had also some surprise guests - Julia Dubinina Art. Check out her realistic paintings!

Anna Kalugina in addition to her pastel interest is an amazing mosaic artist and know for her work in Russia and abroad. You can see her work in Moscow Metropolitan. We were invited to visit her studio after the meeting. We had a blast.

Most of us never met in real life and it was truly awesome to meet each other for the first time in such of cool setting. And some of the artists have created together and friends in real life already.

We shared our creative plans, talked about past and upcoming exhibitions, sampled some pastels and paper samples from Dakota Art and Uart.

There are not enough words to express how nice it is to meet your soulmates and pastel family. And share experiences and plans, tea, tiramisu and smiles. And also midnight “okroshka”.

It looks like we had a quick IAPS preview. In a week we will be able to meet more of our members in Albuquerque, NM. So Looking forward to it!

We will have Red Rock Member Dinner Wednesday Night at 7 pm at Church Street Cafe (after Exhibition opening reception) and We will have representation on Friday Night Fiesta. Don't forget to wear something Red to it if you are coming!

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