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Richeson Art - Debrosky Sunlight and Shadow Sets

Today we want to highlight one of our great supporters - Jack Richeson.

Among their fine products - Debrosky Sunlight and Shadow Sets.

I asked our member Christine Debrosky, PSA, AIS, IAPS-Master Circle, APAA Distinguished Pastellist to tell me more about them. Christine known for her impressionistic abilities to capture the dance of light. Read more about it here.

"My own selection of the Richeson hand rolled pastels is specifically Christine Debrosky " Sunlight " and " Shadow" contained within two separate sets.  These pastels are designed to complement anyone's collection of pastels in any brands. The Shadow sets unifies the deep , rich jewel tones of shadowed areas. The Sunlight set " punches " up areas of direct, dappled and infused areas of light

Of course. they are created to work with other sets. Many artists have come out with their own assortments…designed to take out or work with on their own. My sets are specially selected to help to unify shadow areas, or to help make light areas sparkle and shine, with the Shadow set, and the Sunlight set, respectively.

They are available on Amazon, and through Judson’s Art Outfitters, in the instructor pastel sets section.

If you order from Amazon, they may tell you that it will be a few weeks to get them. They hold back orders until more people order them. So go ahead and order from them, and you may get the sets sooner than they indicate."

Some of our Exhibition winners will have a chance to try fine art products by Jack Richeson and luxurious Jack Richeson hand-rolled soft pastels. I personally own 33 violets and they are one of my favorites to play with.

Did you have a chance to try Jack Richeson Pastels yet?

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