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Don Smith: Terry Ludwig Pastels - Unique Info!

Recently I decided to invest in some of those famous pastels to see if they are SOOOOO great.  It was hard to decide as there are so many and different sets and I want them all but can’t afford them. So I made a spreadsheet with each set, each color matched against the entire set EXCLUDING the Glitz set. I used “x” as the indicator for value as true, that the pastel is in the set.

The Red Rock set (YAY! I think we all need it) is unique in that there are no duplicates of it in any other set.  There are a cou

ple of other sets the same way.  They will be headed by a cyan title. 

Anyway I thought this might be of value to our artistic community.  I couldn’t find anything similar on the net. I hope there are no errors.  I was pretty careful in matching numbers, checking my typing etc.  Yet, there could be an error. If you find it useful, great.  If you find errors, I would appreciate knowing. I am busy doing watercolor Christmas cards right now so don’t have any time to do pastels, but soon I will. Take care and keep painting!

CLICK HERE to see spreadsheet Of Terry Ludwig pastels arranged by Don! please feel free to share this post on the media because it is very unique and useful info!!!

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