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Pastel Portraits by Irina Artamonova

Red Rock Pastel Society is society build by the members and is growing on member contributions. Today we want you to meet our member from Moscow. Russia - Irina Artamonova. I asked her to write this article about her passion in pastel portraits. Read up and check out her amazing gallery.

I started drawing people when I was a kid. Well it’s absolutely natural - what could be the most fascinating subject for a human being to draw than another human being?:)

These were “portraits” of my friends and relatives, imaginative people, copies of some old masterpieces. I drew every day passionately, yet due to my poor eyesight there wasn’t even a discussion of me studying art professionally…

Then there was a 20 years’ break in drawing – I studied and worked hard, moved to a big city, busy-busy life In 2014 I changed my routine completely, quitting an office job and getting back to my true self. First these were mandalas, doodles, Chinese calligraphy and ink painting and then - realistic rendering again. I tried lots of tools and themes but drawing people has always been a natural thing to me, even when I knew nothing about anatomy or proportions. So, five years down the road, I’m now a tutor in a fine arts school for adults, conducting classes on pastel portraiture. It’s a great challenge for me and a great reward: when you teach something you learn it better yourself. For any artist, studying is a never ending process, and I know I have a long way to go to come just a little step closer to my favorite masters of portraiture: Feshin, Sargent, Serov, Serebryakova, Repin and many more.

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