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Red Rock at IAPS 2019

It seems like IAPS 2019 is a water under the bridge by now, but memories and friends during it will last forever.

It was the first convention for me personally and for Red Rock Pastel Society of Nevada as well.

It was an honor to represent our newly formed group during the whole convention, be a part of President’s forum, share our experience and learn from the best. Jimmy Wright's presentation on history of the PSA and pastel medium was priceless, as well as seeing that our friends from the West PSSC were able to accomplish in short 10 years, Isabelle Lim and her tireless persistence to bring various pastel societies under IAPS wing and all the international friends kindly sharing their experiences.

We had a lot of our members attend the convention. It was a blast to be able to connect during Wednesday Night Reunion Dinner and Friday Night Fiesta! We have fun sharing a meal with PSSC on Thursday night.

Thank you all who joined and all who stopped by and said hi!

It seems too hard to wrap up such an amazing experience that IAPS was in a blog post but we will try to highlight a few festivities.

Candy Store with all the great vendors and variety of products, samples and demos from the top artists right at the booths! Can't get enough of it!

Demos and Workshops are the unique opportunities provided by IAPS to get a taste and learn from all amazing instructors out there under the same roof. I feel like every one of them deserves a separate blog post. What workshop or demo did you attend (or would like to attend)? Share with us!

Paint Around was also a really fun event at IAPS 2019. Dawn Emerson, Jeanne Smith, Andrew McDermott, Junhua Xu and Margaret Evans took their turns to paint 5 pieces of art moving to the right every 10-15 minutes. The final works turned out to be amazing paintings as a result of collaboration of these fantastic pastelists.

Friday night Fiesta and BBQ is time to get together and enjoy each other company as well as represent your society. We had a lot of fellow pastelists stopped at our booth.

Saturday Night Banquet is the culmination of the week long festivities and time to congratulate those who achieved their Master Circle or Eminent Pastelist honors.

34th IAPS Exhibition and 5th Master Circle were hold during the convention. Take a look at these outstanding and diverse works.

I hope everyone had a great time and we are looking forward to reconnecting with you in 2021 in ABQ and sooner during Red Rock Activities.

If you have ideas for Friday Night Fiesta during IAPS 2021 please let me know!

Last but not least we want to thank Richard McKinley, Red Weber, IAPS board, instructors and volunteers, all and every one of those who made this celebration of brilliant medium of pastel possible.

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