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The Basics Of Pastels

When the artists still were painting their paintings with the help of a sanguine, coal, sepia or a coal pencil, a new material for painting appeared - pastel. These are dry, soft pencils without rims, resembling crayons. Many artists adore pastels.

Basically, this technique is preferred by those masters to whom it is really important to convey the color mood, the background, and atmosphere of the picture as accurately as possible, yielding to the realism of small details.

What is pastel?

Pastels are divided into three types: soft, oil and wax. Most often, artists use soft pastel, but there are also those who prefer oil. We will focus on soft pastels. As you know wax pastel is all different animal. Pastel gives unlimited freedom in working methods.

Soft pastel is hard and soft. Each of them has its own characteristics. There is already a need to choose based on your own preferences, but in a solid pastel the binder is more, therefore it is less cracking.

Pastel is versatile and can be used as drawing and painting medium.

There are variety of techniques that can be used and we hope you are on the way to develop your own or adapt the one that suits your artistic self the best.

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